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But above all, I think, your major achievement is in being what Foucault would call “a discourse initiator” — someone who single handedly changes a discipline, and in this case the discipline of the Arabic novel. You are my al Jabarti of the Arabic novel. — Anton Shammas

What happened in Egypt around its second revolution was a mixture of grandeur and pettiness, of sorrow and mirth, of expectation and despair, of theory and flesh. All of which may be found in The Crocodiles, a novel where reality sheds its veil to reveal its true face — that of a timeless mythology. — Amin Maalouf
A cluster of cigarette rolling papers with the words "You are going to the bar" written in Arabic in various hands on them

Youssef Rakha is an Egyptian writer working in both Arabic and English.

Little boy with hands on hips at the Guiza Zoo
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